Tuesday, 27 August 2013


It is with much interest that I have been following your new mandatory alcohol treatment policy. It certainly has me thinking. Actually I'd like to discuss the possibility of expanding the legislation to encompass other problem areas.

At the top of my list is an intervention for drivers who are a danger to cyclists. More specifically - drivers who repeatedly put the lives of cyclists at risk on our roads. I can think of nothing better in the way of reform to have mandatory intervention for these individuals. 

Lets take a look at the proposal in more detail. As with your policy, I'm not suggesting we imprison all drivers - just those who have a problem. Its purely an intervention to assist them in understanding how to deal with their issues. In addition, an opportunity to look at some mental health issues that may be underlying behavioural patterns towards cyclists when driving a car. Despite some individual reluctance to participate in treatment, they will eventually understand how invaluable it may be. Forced is such an emotive word. I prefer enrolled. Choice after all, is very overrated.  

We must take a holistic approach. Without necessarily wanting to stereotype, certain individuals are more prone to acts of stupidity against cyclists when driving. Therefore I suggest we begin with Shane Warne. An immediate intervention is required in order to send a message to those who continue to behave in a manner that makes our streets unsafe for cyclists. Shane encompasses all the most reprehensible aspects of the intolerant driver. Not satisfied with the intimidation of a near miss (or nick), Shane is geared toward a full scale attack (actually knocking a cyclist off their bike entirely). Shame on you Shane. 

But it cannot stop with one individual. Treatment centres will be required in all states of Australia. Access to counselling, medical teams and mental health assessment in order to maximise the impact of such intervention. A tribunal will be set up to determine each individuals treatment needs. There will have to be security staff at all centres around the clock and police may be called upon to return an individual in the instance of attempted escape. This is not a prison however. It is merely a treatment opportunity for repeat offenders who know not what they do. 

As the treatment centres become more common they will in turn act as deterrents for other would be drivers targeting cyclists. The social implications are profound. This is brave policy initiative. Not for the faint hearted. Thats why I need your help Adam. Who better to approach than a person able to pass legislation completely devoid of any evidence? A policy that is economically costly and has no proven benefit. But who believes in research anyway?

I too am sick of listening to 'do-gooder' drivers opposed to good old-fashioned common sense. Its time for them 'to get out of the way' and embrace the future. Join me Adam. The cyclists of this country need your support. Do you want to be part of a bold new approach? Can you help out?

I look forward to further discussion with you in person.

Kind Regards,